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    Todd Summers


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    Jeff Howard


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    Chris McGuairt

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    Brenda Butler

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  • Who We Are

    Welcome -
    Emergency Services Fire District # 2 provides fire protection services to the residents of South Medina county. Primarily in and around the Devine Independent School District area.


    Our Mission
    To contract for and ensure the delivery of premium Fire Protection services to the residents and businesses within the geographic boundaries of Medina County Emergency Services District #2.


    What is an ESD?
    An Emergency Services District (ESD) is a local government agency created by a vote of the public to provide fire protection in specific areas in Medina County. The governing statute for an ESD is Chapter 775 of the Texas Health and Safety Code. An ESD collects taxes based on appraisals of real and personal property and usually contracts with a service provider, e.g. Devine Volunteer Fire Department. There are two types of ESDs: one is for fire protection and the other is for emergency medical services (EMS).

    An ESD is governed by a board of commissioners who are elected to four-year staggered terms by the residents in the district. All candidates must file an application with an ESD board secretary or other officer appointed to carry out election duties. All members must be 18 years old and a resident of the district.

    Our Commission

    We are an Emergency Services - Fire District (ESD) (District) - a political subdivisions of the State of Texas. We support or provide local emergency fire protection services authorized by the Texas Legislature. Our Service District is located in and around the City of Devine, Texas and the Devine Independent School District bound. Emergency Service District # 2 imposes a property tax to support or provide these services. In addition to other powers, our District may also own real or personal property, enter into contracts, employ officers, agents, employees, and accept donations.


    Our District tax revenues may be used to hire full-­time emergency personnel, contract with other entities that have fire suppression services, and/or purchase new equipment and facilities. District 2 currently contracts with the Devine Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. The District provides a stable funding source for these services.


    Through these powers and stable funding, established Emergency Service Districts have considerably reduced fire response times. Emergency Service District's provide stable funding for fire suppression services, and allow local entities to provide enhanced services -­ thus saving lives, property, and funds for local citizens.


    The establishment of our Emergency Service Fire District resulted in a fair, evenly-­shared financial support mechanism from all the citizens who have access to and receive emergency fire and rescue services from the district.